Accessories and addons for the Ohmni® Robot


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Please note: The Ohmni Developer License is for the Ohmni Robot. An existing, or new Ohmni Robot is required for use as a development platform.

With the Ohmni Developer License you will get:

x1 Ohmni Developer License (1-Year)

  • Rich access to Ohmni API's
  • Ohmni Cloud Programming framework for web application development
  • Full Docker Integration w/ Ubuntu and ROS
  • Open Kernel Sources w/ SSH or ADB
  • Fully extensible platform, for depth cameras, LiDAR and more



Want to expand your development capabilities?

Explore the Developer Edition Expansion Kits to see the variety of hardware, electronic, and mountable extensions you can add to your Ohmni Developer Edition.

Please follow this link for shipping and warranty details.

*Please note that if an Ohmni Developer License is purchased for a robot under an existing Extended Warranty plan, the plan will be voided.

**Upon purchase of this product you agree to the terms and conditions of the Developer License Agreement.