Our fulfillment lead time is currently 3-4 weeks due to COVID-19 delays.



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Please note: Ohmni Robots are made to order. Our fulfillment lead time is currently 4-5 weeks due to COVID-19 delays. Hospital orders are being prioritized. Please let us know via contact@ohmnilabs.com if this pertains to your order.

TELEPRESENCE MADE EASY. The human-centric Ohmni® Robot provides connection and support to anyone, from anywhere in the world. Communicate in any environment -- home, school, work, healthcare facility, museum, factory and more -- in just one click. Experience the award winning Ohmni today. 

With the Custom Ohmni Robot, you will get:

x1 Custom Ohmni Robot

  • 4K camera w/ 13-megapixel Snapshot and Superzoom capabilities
  • 10.1" HD IPS touchscreen
  • Fast and Sharp HD video streaming
  • 95Wh LiFePO4 battery (6+ hrs)
  • Ohmni Glide Drive brushless motors w/ precision encoders
  • Custom specification for the robot color

x1 Ohmni Charging Dock (100-240V compatible, 50/60Hz)

Each of our Ohmni robots is produced and built using:

  • Custom 3D printed manufacturing
  • Made from eco-friendly biodegradable materials
  • Made in the USA
  • Choice of White or Red color schemes, Contact us to inquire for more custom color options.

Please follow this link for shipping and warranty details.

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