Ohmni Telepresence Robot
Ohmni® Telepresence Robot

Ohmni® Telepresence Robot

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The Ohmni telepresence robot offers a dynamic way to connect and interact from any location. It enables you to virtually be in two places simultaneously. Whether you're connecting from home, school, work, healthcare facility, museum, or factory, the Ohmni telepresence robot ensures effortless communication with just one click. 

Equipped with real-time navigation, 4K resolution, a fully-emotive neck, and numerous other innovative features, the Ohmni telepresence robot delivers an experience so immersive, it feels like you're physically present. Moving beyond traditional video conferencing, our telepresence robot grants you unparalleled control and autonomy, revolutionizing the way you connect and engage.

Ohmni Telepresence Robot

  • 4K camera w/ 13-megapixel Snapshot and Superzoom capabilities
  • 10.1" HD IPS touchscreen
  • Fast and sharp HD video streaming
  • 95Wh LiFePO4 battery (6+ hrs)
  • 15W Speaker (8x+ louder than human speech)
  • Custom quad-microphone array with environmental filtering
  • Ohmni Glide Drive

    Ohmni Telepresence Robot Charging Dock (100-240V compatible, 50/60Hz)

    Each Ohmni telepresence robot is designed and built in the USA, utilizing 3D printed manufacturing with eco-friendly biodegradable materials.

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