Ohmni Developers Kit (International)

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Powerful robot hardware

  • Ohmni's Magdock charging 20W charging system (no more having to design your own charging system for your robot)
  • 95-watt hour LiFePO4 battery for up to 6 hours active run time
  • Fully integrated 10.1" HD IPS touchscreen
  • Low backlash, silent Glide Drive brushless motor technology with precision encoders
  • Tilting neck for wide field of view and emoting
  • Dual, wide-angle HD cameras for floor navigation and forwards view (4K cameras available)
  • Integrated USB speaker and mic with echo cancellation and
  • 64-bit Intel quad core CPU
    • Develop faster, less cross-compiling

Extensible software

  • Full ROS support out of the box, ROS Kinetic and Melodic
  • Integrated Docker support
    • Thousands of ready-to-go images to run your favorite software tools/libraries or even an Ubuntu-based development environment straight on the robot.
  • Full, open kernel sources
    • No more getting stuck when you need to compile in a new Linux driver for some sensor or actuator
  • Google assistant support
    • Text to speech, speech recognition, and hotword detection integrated
  • Powered by Ohmni OS
    • Android-based core system, fully rooted and unlocked in the Developer Edition, gives you a full touchscreen and UI and complete freedom

Extensible hardware and electronics

  • 7x USB 3.0 ports with dedicated power
    • Plug in extra cameras, SLAM, depth sensors
  • Open power + data bus + Ohmni FlexAdapter = add your own electronics
    • Extra ports give you access to full battery power and control
  • Arduino module sample
    • Connect an Arduino to Ohmni and send commands to it in minutes
  • Customizable colors + logos
    • We custom build every robot in-house and can do custom colors and custom printed logos. Contact us for more information
  • Versatile clamps
    • Attach hardware anywhere on Ohmni

Full industrial-grade telepresence stack

  • Get high performance, hardware encoded HD video and audio streaming between you and the robot, anywhere in the world, in one click
  • 1280x1024 30fps streaming in both VP8 (Windows/Mac/Android) and H264 (iOS)
  • Auxiliary channels for streaming your own custom data (lidar, sensor, etc.)

Cloud based robotics development

  • Introducing Ohmni API: our JS + HTML based cloud robotics programming API that makes high-level robot programming easy
  • Embed your own UI elements in the call using JS + HTML and hook up to your own code and behavior running on the robot.  Example: Add a button in call to remotely trigger an Arduino on Ohmni to spray water!
  • Easily script up stuff like playing a YouTube video on the screen, synced with some motion of the robot base, along with saying certain things with text-to-speech

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