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Ohmni Supercam (Free Pilot)
Ohmni Supercam (Free Pilot)
Ohmni Supercam (Free Pilot)
Ohmni Supercam (Free Pilot)

Ohmni Supercam (Free Pilot)

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With the new Ohmni, you get:
  • • A large 10.1 dedicated touchscreen display
  • • Fast and sharp video streaming
  • • Precise driving controls with powerful motor drives
  • • Choice of color: Black, White or Red
  • • Choice of height:
    • • Choose 48” if you are primarily visiting with people who are always sitting. It is more comfortable for them if they are looking at your face at eye level.
    • • Choose 56” if you are visiting with people who will be standing or sitting, or when you need a higher view - like over a hospital bed.
  • • Shipping is only $65 (per robot) anywhere in the continental US.
    • • Please allow 4-6 weeks lead time on orders.
    • • Sales Tax will be applied to orders in California.
  • • For other US regions and International orders or questions please contact us directly.
  • • 90 Day Software Warranty
    • • 1 year hardware and 90 day software warranties
    • • When we can’t provide a part for you to swap – you ship the robot back to us. We repair and return to you at no charge.
    • • Not covered: Damage due to unusual treatment including driving down stairs, riding on the robot, liquid spills, misused power cables, etc.